Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper

Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper

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Poop Hound and Bag Clip

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Poop Hound Bag Clip
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You are looking at a NEW Ames Poop Hound for all dogs in most conditions.


Okay, What is a Pooper Scooper? Clean, Easy and User Friendly Tool to Scoop Poop disposal.

A poop scoop, or pooper scooper, usually refers to device or tool used to remove animal feces from yards, parks and other public places particularly those of pet dogs. The best Pooper scooper tools have a bag or bag attachment. Also a good dog poop scoop with a plastic bag attached, offers a fast, easy solution to an off putting task, that should keep you from bending over or touching the waste.

Uses Plastic Grocery Bag Pooper Scooper

Poop disposal bags are usually considered accessories to pooper scooper devices, and can simply be a plastic bag (like the ones you get from your local grocery store), to move the poop to a proper disposal area or trash can. One last note, many times, people operating a poop scoop business, are considered a poop scooper.

Purchase User-Friendly Pooper Scooper with Confidence
Save time and the hassle of driving to your local pet store like Petsmart, Petco or even WalMart to find a great price on a poop scoop, only to discover they are over-priced or have a poor selection of anything even close, with the durability and quality construction along with all the features that you desire, like the ones you find with the Ames Poop Hound, pooper scooper.


  • Bags the poop as you scoop - from a clean comfortable distance
  • A quick, clean, and dignified way to get the job done
  • No bending required
  • Bags easily detach for clean disposal
  • Won't damage lawn
  • Great for picking up pine cones, acorns and other lawn debris
  • This tool may not be ideally suited for very wet climates. Please consider this when purchasing
Another option to doing this task yourself is to hire a poop scooper business or use poop scooper services which charge their customer on-going fees to handle it, by being your personal dog waste removal employee, which adds up over time.

Kids can even use Poop Hound

The Ames Poop Hound sooper scooper is a much less expensive solution that can even be handled by elementary school age children trying to earn a weekly allowance.

Order Your Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper for a Fast, Easy and convenient way for dog poop disposal with a Durable construction that uses small plastic grocery bags, that eliminates bending over and keeps you comfortably away from a dirty job.

Why buy Poop Hound Poop Scooper?

Let's face it, easy pick up at a distance is the way to go with little or no smell and no touching for simple disposal and clean up with a garden hose (if needed). Bag removal is one movement of pop and drop into the waste bin. Watch our video to see how easy it is to use.

Product Details
  • Easy, comfortable grip for one-handed operation
  • Rust-proof finish easily hoses off
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Unique raking arm sweeps Refuse into plastic bag for fast, easy disposal
Avoid bending over along with the shovel and bucket routine, that most home owners have to deal with when it comes to an unpleasant task which needs to be done regularly to avoid, flies, unpleasant odors, along with possible illness, due to feces overload in your backyard or local parks.

Until a poop scoop robot comes along that is reasonably priced and follows you to the park you are stuck with find a clean, fast, easy way to a disgusting job. Why not invest in your own Ames Poop Hound, grocery bag pooper scooper to make your chore a none-issue.

Read the pooper scooper reviews by people that talk about this wonderful tool.

Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper
Ames Poop Hound Ames Pooper Scooper Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper

By Retired Opera Singer (Tyler, TX)

I owned one of the Ames Poop Hound and it lasted three years. Great product, far better than just the "scoop" - No touch and throw the bag away, works well with store plastic bags. It finally broke and I replaced it. It is not carried in the chain pet stores where I originally purchased it. I am ordering again because I really like it. It is more expensive than the others but worth it if you can get long service out of it.

Great product by ..Robert Kovner (South Florida)
Serious tool for any dog owner, a must have ! Clean and easy no fuss great for lawn or hard surfaces . simple to change bags and no touch system really works well!

Ames Poop Hound review by .. Kaiser's mom
This is a great product for picking up dog poo. I have used this brand for 4 years and think it works well. My only complaint is that the plastic ring broke on my current scooper. But it's fairly inexpensive and if you only buy one every 4 years or so that's a pretty good deal.

Ames Poop Hound by .. R. Dowell (Kentucky)
We had an earlier version of the poop hound that we loved. But this one is even better. They changed the design a little. The mess goes right in a bag. All you have to do is find the piles in the yard and squeeze the handle, then when the bag is full dump it in the trash. If you have dog's then this is the only way to clean up the yard. I highly recommend it.

Makes the Best of a Bad Job by .. Mike Carter (Colorado Springs)
After two years, wore the first one out and were very happy to find a replacement online after striking out at Pets Mart. With two 50-lb dogs, this makes keeping up with the backyard chores a snap. In fact, it is easy enough that my wife takes care of the cleanup most of the time - doesn't get any better than that!
Ames Poop Hound Pooper Scooper
Ames Pooper Scooper

Poop Hound and Bag Clip

Free ground shipping inside the 48 Continental United States!
Poop Hound Shipping Instructions

Poop Hound Bag Clip
Poop Hound extra Bag Clip part NOW Available as separate part... Only $9.95 with Free shipping inside 48 states by first class mail if ordered separately!


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